You know, you really should get to know your beautiful bars better before you take them home and have your way with them.

Essential Choco-Lit:

The New Taste of Chocolate – Presilla – The Chocolate Bible

The True History of Chocolate – Coe & Coe

The Chocolate Tester – Bernardini – The Chocolate Encyclopedia

Raising the Bar – Williams & Eber

Chocolat – Lagorce  Gotta have recipes? How about luscious photos of them in a book shaped like a giant chocolate bar? An early discovery of mine: a big, beautiful introduction to chocolate profiles, recipes and pairings.

The Science of Chocolate – Beckett

Chocolate, Science & Technology – Afoakwa

Chocolate – Boynton


The Chocolate Tasting Kit – Yuh

Taste (What You’re Missing) – Stuckey

Vegetarian Flavor Bible – Page

The Fair Trade Scandal – Sylla

How many makers are there? Flavors of Cacao & Doc of Choc keep track. Bernardini keeps count in the back of his Chocolate Tester

Where does the cacao come from? Read Taza’s Transparency Report from cover to cover.


Nothing Like Chocolate: Mott Green & The Grenada Chocolate Company

Bean To Bar, the Movie

Somewhere in Vietnam: Marou Chocolate

Watch 6:05-8:30 to see Dick Taylor’s old digs & equipment in The Melting Heart of Chocolate. Watch the entire interview-style video, produced by a Nat Geo filmmaker

You gottta Move Like Jagger.

Want to binge watch Willie’s Chocolate Revolution?

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